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An invisible world of the spirit must exist that makes with that changes in the world of the matter occurs, and the evolution of this planet must receive orientation and external aid of superior and invisible intelligences, to which man is susceptible while spiritual being. Moreover, these intelligences must probably exist in beings of superior degree to us.

World of Life – Alfred Russel Wallace

(contemporary of Charles Darwin)

Science solely based in the organized matter is not science. Matter is the effect and not the cause. The cause, the main object, the main aim, is the Spirit, the Force that stirs up and puts into motion the Matter. Men have minutely studied what the eyes see, the hands touch, but not what the spirit feels and needs to know. Study what one sees, but also, study what one feels. To search, to study and understand the incorporeal life behind the organized matter is a duty of every intelligent scholar and sagacious man.

Carlos Chagas´ spiritual manifestation, received in the Christian Rationalism – doctor and scientist.

1. General Traces

In the chapter on Evolution, we began to deal with the action of the Force in each one of the kingdoms of the nature, but we didn’t emphasize the attributes of this Force, responsible for the diffusion of life in all the kingdoms of the nature, inclusive in the primitive atomic and molecular structures of the mineral kingdom. Here, this Force will be called as Intelligent Force, which is self-controlled, self-expressing and self-manifesting in all the observed forms of life. In this chapter we go into somewhat deeper on the nature and the evolution of the Intelligent Force.

When we mention that there is an intelligent cause, we are not referring to the God of religions, nor to the ideas of religious persons of all the religions about God, much less of a supra-mathematical God (the chance of the theory of the probabilities), or of the infinite of the infinitesimal calculus or the universal infinite. We are referring to another form to understand this intelligent cause. We are talking about causes or agents still not known by science, causes that are supra galactic or among galaxies, non- supernatural, because the natural is not only what is seen here on the Earth with our poor physical eyes.

Our eyes see only the objects and things that reflect the visible light, a minuscule fraction of the entire ample electromagnetic spectrum. Scientists speak a lot about reality and adore this concept as if it could be applied only to the material world. How it would be this reality, for example, if our physical eyes saw a bigger portion of the electromagnetic spectrum – for example, as if we had penetrating eyes like X-Rays? What we want to say is that all reality, either objective or subjective is always relative. This means that evolution is not simply limited to the material and materialized forms, but also to the Force, to the essence, to the Spirit.

The Force (gender), which embraces the Spirit (superior kind of the Force), always evolves and this evolution begins in the atoms, from the simpler (Hydrogen) to the more complex chemical natural element (Uranium). This happens so much in the mineral kingdom as well as in the vegetable and animal ones. Furthermore, all bodies are atoms that are developing their structures, each time, in more complex forms, under the action of the Force, during their transformation, as we saw in Chapter 3, where we treated on Evolution. After all, the universe and all that in it exists have a history and this history is far, very far from being completely known by man. Perhaps, we as human beings are passing through a super evolution without we can notice it; although the evolution is a very slow process, despite of the acceleration of the human evolution, even so its effects will only be observed after a long period. Thence, we are not visionaries when we’re thinking about an evolution towards a human "super-species", capable to use, for instance, the telepathy as biological mean of reception and transmission of thoughts. However the use of telepathy, in this current period of human evolution might bring enormous social implications and, therefore, it will have not to happen from the night to the day.

Man, as spirit and body (Force and Matter), is a perpetual cosmic traveler and he has an evolutional trajectory to fulfill here, on the Earth, participating of the evolution of all cosmic system. Force and Matter are the basic components of all that in the universe exists. These components are present everywhere, in the entire universe in their primordial components or under the organized form. It is the Intelligent Force that shapes the Matter, in an incessant and complex process of aggregation and desegregation. By means of these processes, the Force organizes and transforms the environment to provide the evolution of its intelligent particles that, in their numerous apparent forms, are constantly acting on the organisms giving to them life, specifically to man. In 1910, Luiz de Mattos (1) already proclaimed in his work, For the Truth – The Action of the Spirit on the Matter (p. 231–233), how the action of the Force is processed on the Matter:

The Force, the Universal Intelligence, is the creative vital element of all that exists. This Force, by its particles, is easily observed:

a) In the solid bodies, as in the crystal that reorganizes itself, when fragmented, obeying the geometric lines of its species, what denotes the action of an intelligent and directing element;

b) In vegetables, in its very variable and delicate constitution, since the grassy ones, the flowers, the great trees, […];

c) In the animal kingdom, irrational, from the domestic animal, more docile, to the fierce ones;

d) In putting into motion, to act, to think, to speak, to laugh and to cry of the human being [...];

Each living body contains a particle of the Force in evolution, in ascension, and thence the principle that doesn´t exist two equal things or beings in the nature [...];

It is not necessary to appeal to the miracle – the supernatural or bizarre, or to several doctrines, sources of absurd and entirely contrary theories to the truth and the common and natural laws that all rules, in order to have the certainty of the real existence of the Force, of the intelligence and of the matter, it is sufficient that each being may dominate oneself, and place oneself in good conditions to reasoning, in order to observe everything, and to see, to feel and convince oneself [...];

The diverse states or categories of the force are always in evolution, ascension, even so slowly, because all progresses and nothing retrogrades nor stops. But, this progress is only in relation to the Force, to the intelligence, because the matter already exists, such as it should be and is necessary, in its several states [...].

And, more ahead, in the same work (1), he affirms that:

The Force is also called of Universal Intelligence, Light, source of the life of all the beings, and which, acting as particles in the physical world, it organizes, it stirs up and it puts into motion all the bodies of the kingdoms of the nature.

That Force, this Universal Intelligence that also is called Great Focus, can be observed in the different kingdoms of the nature, and felt by the human being himself, in each moment, as ahead it will be seen, it is not from the Earth and, comes, in particles of diverse degrees, and here is subjected to the laws of the progress of all beings.

In virtue of those common natural and immutable laws, is that this Force stirs up and puts into motion the visible bodies and even the ones not seen by the naked eyes, but that they exist, surrounding us [... ].

To the long and during that entire uninterrupted and endless evolutionary path, the Force passes through all of the kingdoms of the nature – the mineral, the vegetable and the animal. During all this long passage, it always accumulates more and more Force and more Intelligence, passing by multiple and differentiated experiences and livings, until reaching a sufficient level of "information.” Then, the Force meets the requirements to evolve in the human being form, circumstance in which it makes already the use of conscience and of a basic intelligence, developed in all previous periods of apprenticeship. For the first time, the Force becomes capable to use the attribute of the free will, which nothing more is than the will power. With the attribute or faculty of the free will, the Intelligent Force begins to receive the denomination of Spirit, which is the individualized Force in the man, being able, then, among as many and as many options, to make intelligent choices and to assume the responsibility for his actions, what it does not happen in the animal world.

Of what it was exposed, it is intuitive that the Spirit, in the human creature, is the Intelligent Force, individualized and self-determined, that is, it already possess the attribute of the free will. From this outstanding fact, the evolution becomes fulfilled in a faster rhythm, and we may until say that it speeds up. This is proven when we consider the presence of the ancestral of man on the Earth, which counts only about two million years compared to an evolutionary history of three and half billions of years on the Earth. In the evolutionary timeline that figure represents only 0.06% of the total evolutionary time occurring on the Earth. What would have influenced so decisively in the speed of man’s progress? It is clearly that it was the use of the free will, allied to three other most important attributes of the spirit – the intelligence, the reasoning and the creativity. Still more surprising is this comparison when we segment the timeline of the human evolution (about two millions of years) and look at the last three hundred years, in which the evolution of the human knowledge became about hundreds or even thousands times faster, while that of the biological evolution in the man nor closely followed this rhythm! This is an assertion to reflect on the superiority of the Spirit on the Matter.

However, it is good to have always in mind that the free will is a weapon of two edges, being able to be used for the good or for the evil, according to the accomplishment that the human being will get from the lessons of the life. It’s what gave and will continue giving to the human being conditions to advance more quickly or not in direction to the maximum perfection that cannot be obtained in this plan of the existence. It is obvious that, man using his free will for the evil, will delay his evolution, losing a precious time absorbed in the sensations of the Matter. It is, also, easy to understand why the evolution of the emotional intelligence which, in last analysis, consists of the elimination of the animal instincts and purification of the feelings, cannot be obtained in a unique life or incarnation. Normally, it will take hundreds or until thousands of reincarnations, under the most diverse circumstances and until painful conditions to learn, to comprehend and to understand what it could have been done in some tens of reincarnations.

On the other hand, the human being also evolves in groups, societies and cultures of the most diverse. It is also intuitive to perceive that, in the evolution of the human beings made in great groups, many individuals become themselves recalcitrant latecomers, because of the bad use that they had made of their free will or due to the discouragement in the own effort to which they should apply themselves. Thus, throughout many lives, such individuals start to loose contact with those who had initiated their evolutionary trajectory to reach full perfection. We can make a well rational analogy, by observing that, for example, when a student is not approved in a determined school series and sees many of his colleagues passing ahead, he feels a sensation of frustration, remaining behind them. And, because all of them are united by affective links emerged from the common experiences by which they had passed throughout many lives, he feels an enormous pain in this separation or removal. Thence, his desire would be to speed up still more the learning to reach the group to which he belonged.

From this stimulation and occult impulse results the great force that impact us to preserve our own life, striving the person himself to exceed the barriers and obstacles by using his willpower with the aim to surpass his own delay. In order to restart a new course, since the Earth is a scholarship world, the person participates of new experiences that qualify him to surpass his delay and reach greater evolution, and, preferentially, to come and join to his evolutive group. Those that, when reintegrating in a new life, deviate from the conditions and dispositions established by themselves and continue creating new delays, lose time, and not recovering themselves, they stay backwards because the evolution never stops and all the group need to continue. It is therefore due to this that many persons take more time to arrive at full perfection.

This global evolutionary vision is the opposite of the current vision adopted by the scientists. The scientists established that all that exists is made of matter and all can be appropriately reduced to elementary particles of the matter – the improperly so-called building blocks of the universe. In addition, in function of the interactions, the atoms are formed and these come to form the molecules, and in this ascending causation, the RNA (ribonucleic acid) and the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid or double helix) molecules are formed, the latter being the component of the genes, which, by their turn, are contained in the cells. Very well that it is like so and, materially speaking, so it is, but where the vital force or the Intelligent Force is? They arrive at the point to re-examining the concepts of spontaneous generation, abandoned, since the 19th century, in function of the experiences made by the notorious French researcher Louis Pasteur. Where do they put the free will, intelligence, conscience, thought, feelings, etc., that are incorporeal elements and all attributes of the spirit itself? What do they intend to find in the brain, which is matter and neurons, synapses and neurotransmitters? And, to what condition it was relegated the free will, master spring of the human evolution?

These and other uncountable questions will be examined along this and in the next chapters of the second part of this work, adopting an opposite point of view to science. Through this point of view, herein explained, it is established that it was the Intelligent Force that gave "the first steps" on the Earth by means of evolution in the kingdoms of the nature, and finally, the Spirit that gave continuity to evolution in the man himself. We would like to make, since then, a basic distinction: the evolution of the Force in the kingdoms of the nature has been made and continues being made by means of change in the shapes, that is, the Force evolves and continues evolving to perfecting the bodies that it animated and still animates. However, in the human being the evolution of the shape almost ceased and gave place to the evolution of the spirit by means of the accumulated knowledge, during numerous lives, and that is kept in the perispirit – the subconscious mind of psychologists. What we intend to clarify is that the Intelligent Force precedes the Matter and it livens up it in an incalculable variety of shapes in all that exists in the universe. And here it is a very great field for the research by the scientists, mainly physicists, biologists, physicians, neuroscientists, psychologists, parapsychologists, and, why not to say also, philosophers, whatever it may be the religions they profess.

2. Universal Intelligence

Of all the negative and positive numerous feelings inherited from the animal instinct and that comprise the modern man’s emotional intelligence, we emphasize the selfishness that generates the prepotency. In the struggle for survival, man continues carrying this noxious inheritance. Thence, it is the egoism, directly derived from the instincts, from the bad habits and from the imperfections that directs man to assume a false idea of power, which is contaminated by pride and prepotency. One deals with a presumptuous power, in which the humility of the true scholars does not fit.

Beyond this power feeling, derived from the animal instincts and of man’s bad understanding of himself as Force and Matter, the primitive man was also surrounded of fear by all the sides, once that he did not understand the forces of nature and their effects, catastrophic many times, what it is still today observed. Thus, it was natural that he had the need to imagine or to create a supreme being, superior to all men, made to his likeness, and according to his intellect and will, to which he could direct himself in moments of weakness, fear, afflictions and of physical sufferings, and to which he could deliver his destiny. From there to the idolatry, invention of idols by the wild peoples and gods of the paganism was just a step. Even though, have passed many millenniums, in Egypt and Greece, and even though in ancient Rome, innumerable gods were worshipped and adored.

Although almost all sects and religions (they are about 8,500 in the world) be currently monotheists, the religious continue venerating and adoring their idols or saints, thus keeping an inherited tradition from polytheism. It is easy, therefore, to understand why the faith and the adoration took roots in the cult of almost all the religions that adopted the idea of (2) "[…] a materialized supreme being., that after many denominations began to be called with just one denomination: the "God all-Almighty", but still so, similar to the image of each people.” And, still today, this is what happens in many religions, each people having his own God, varying the name and the cults. It would be difficult to imagine that, for example, a people of the black race, could have his God with aspect of the white race or that the Chinese people presented his God or gods with facial appearance of the white race.

But, on the other hand, there are those who, in very lesser ratio, religious or not, feel the necessity of connecting to the immaterial and imponderable Whole, which the human being does not see and cannot touch. Nevertheless, they can feel it in all its supreme greatness, as Creative Force or Universal Intelligence, that permeates all the things and beings in the entire whole universe and give life to them. That is exactly the opposite of the "[…] idea to adore it, taking as such, what it was invented by the instinct, by the habit and by the disordered desires of all the ignorant beings, limiting all to his image, to its ´Self´, since for religious people God had to be a figure of man or another one with earthly physical form, superior to the man, emerging from this erroneous idea, the materialization of the Force" (2).

Before of the spiritualist vision proposed by Luiz de Mattos that in the universe it only exist Force and Matter, it is in the Force that one finds the explanation for all the transcendent phenomena, which were not yet explained by science. Seen under this approach, it is easy to understand and intuitively comprehend what it is the Universal Intelligence, Creative Force or Great Focus, as such, and not “the God” invented by the religions, because such thing does not exist. The Creative Force, as the own name is saying is the First Principle, the Mother Soul of all that exists and has its life in the entire whole universe.

3. Scientific Vision of Universal Intelligence

With the advent of the quantum physics, many phenomena had brought great embarrassments to their discoverers. These, accustomed to all explain based on the Matter and its fundaments, had started to make use of a vast field for study, outcome from the knowledge of the atomic nucleus and its particles. Despite this, not always they had success and many paradoxes still remain defying intelligences of the best scientists. We go to examine here, the main ideas that have been proposed by some of these scientists about Universal Intelligence or Cosmic Intelligence, without worrying in criticizing them.

It derives from the quantum physics the main theories to explain the universe, and how the life appeared on the Earth, as well as its interrelation with the universe, we go to start with the paradox raised by Alain Aspect’s experience.