30-11-2010 20:32

1. Release

Let us talk some words about the book The Universal Harmony and the Spiritual Evolution. The book has a content of 498 pages full of knowledge. The book was published by Outskirts Press, Inc.( in December 8, 2008 and it is being sold by Amazon ( ) and Barnes&Noble ( book stores throughout the United States and abroad at a price of US$32.95 per copy.

2. Conception

Author´s main idea and point of view in writing this book was to behave as a free observer looking at the doctrine Racionalismo Cristão from outside to inside. The second main idea was to produce a book to cover the material reality as well as the spiritual reality, .and not to criticize any religion whatsoever. The third main idea was to present the book as easy as possible to be understood by any level of scholar education. Finally, the fourth idea was to build up a book for philosophers and scientists interested in its subject. .It was not an easy task; it depended of a lot of literature research in Internet and patience; and to these requirements the author dedicated during two years, bravely.

3. Cover

Book cover was conceived having a holistic style that represents the universe, symbolized by a very large source of light at the top left meaning the Universal Intelligence and, at the center of the cover, by a spiral galaxy, symbolizing the Universe. On right bottom, we have a left hand holding the Earth planet, the domain of man. So, the cover is identified with various realities existing in the Universe. At the back cover we introduced a small text and the main man rhetoric questions to which very few people have already found the right answers: Who are we?, What are we doing here?, Where we come from? and Where are we going after we die?

4. Parts and Chapters

The book is composed of four parts and nineteen chapters .and so was produced, showing updated scientific information and spiritual knowledge. In the first part, having 5 chapters, the book is concerned with the material reality, the one that impress our five physical senses. These chapters are: The Universe, Force and Matter, The Roads of Evolution, Scientific Methodology, and Truth, Reality and Paradigm. In the second part they were put the chapters corresponding to a more complete reality of transcendental and spiritual nature, including:: The Birth of the Spiritism, The Advent of the Christian Rationalism, The Intelligent Force, The Primacy of the Spirit, The Importance of the Thought, The Aura: Mirror of the Soul, The Mediumship, The Intuition – Our Orientation Compass and the Free-Will Constructs our Destiny. In the fourth part of the book they were included three chapters, to name: Cases of Suggestive Reincarnation, Near-Death Experiences and Regression to Past Lives. Finally, the reader will find two chapters that summarize the entire book, namely: The awakening for Spirituality that summarizes the beginning of each chapter and Ultimatum to Rationality, which ends the book with the conclusions of each chapter.

5. Publication

After two years of well cared translation, the book The Universal Harmony and the Spiritual Evolution was published in the United States in December 8, 2008. This was the first private take off abroad to a book containing the Principles of the Christian Rationalism ( ). To this edition it was added a remitting index and a nominal index by authors cited in the book. This book edition is being sold by Outskirts Press Inc. ( ), Amazon ( ) and by Barnes&Noble ( ) throughout the United States and abroad.